Our primary business is building the best Wind-On leaders for casting to big gamefish. In that pursuit, we want our customers to have the strongest practical line system to connect to their Streamline leaders. We have a range of services that help get your Spinning reel ready for the season, a charter, or your next trip. We have tuned dozens of reels and line systems, delivering up to a 50% improvement in end-to-end line system strength.

Below are some examples of the types of things we can do to make your next outing a success. Just contact us by e-mail at, let us know what you need and we'll work out the details.

A great day on the water should end like this:

Stella Spool
Load Your Spinning Reel Spool with Hollow Spectra
We recommend that BHP Tackle loads your spool with premium hollow Spectra line using the exclusive Streamline method, which sets one reverse-twist per turn around the spool for the top 100 yards. This vital two-step process eliminates wind-knots and is only available at BHP Tackle. Contact Basil and specify the Streamline line-winding process.

Saragosa Drag Service and Test Your Spinning Reel's Drag
Your reel's manufacturer will do a good job servicing your reel. However, if you are adding Streamline leaders and need a mid-season tune-up, a new set of drag washers, or just want us to look things over, you can ship us your spool and we will check it out.

Build a Customer Pre-Leader to Strengthen Your Top 5 Yards of Line
Your Streamline leader is strong and abrasion resistant. However, during the end-game of your fight with a fish circling below the boat, your mainline may not have the abrasion resistance you need. We can add a double or triple strength top shot of braid to your reel.

Let us know how we can help you prepare your spinning reel and line system for really big fish.